We are doers.

Sparks and Fuel is a fast, light and smart marketing boutique. We are both strategic and tactical, offering big-company experience with an intense attention to detail and personal service.

Big ideas start small

Some sparks can initiate a reaction. Others maintain a reaction. We try to generate sparks that get a reaction. And if we do our job right, we can create sparks to help relight the fire under your business. Or better yet, spark some new ones.

Adding fuel

Hopefully your business is growing organically. But today there are many tools, levers, programs and techniques to accelerate growth. We’d love to chat about the opportunities that may help you and your business see results.

There's always smoke

Like a campfire, your business marketing requires regular attention. Customer journeys, content updates, social media, online advertising… it’s always smoldering in the background and ignoring it won’t work. Your business has plenty of fires to put out – let us take care of the one fire that actually requires tending.



  • UI/design/development
  • Website redesign
  • Brand development
  • eCommerce site management


  • Content marketing
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Podcast recording

Spread the word

  • Email strategy and design
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid media
  • PR Services

Grow. Smarter.

  • Google analytics
  • Email Automation
  • User Experience Design
  • SEO & SEM

Let's ignite something